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How It Works

How it works

SELL BUY DRIVE auctions are designed to provide the best experience for buyers and sellers alike

The auction process starts with sellers submitting their cars through the website. We select the most interesting and work with the seller to compile a thorough listing for the vehicle. Auctions typically run for 7 days.

What makes SELL BUY DRIVE different?

After an auction closes, we put the seller in contact with the winning bidder to complete the transaction.

We represent each car genuinely
with objectively written listings and comprehensive photo galleries.
Each seller is provided with an Auction Specialist
A dedicated point of contact during the drafting and live auction process.
Comment threads
on each listing let buyers and sellers share knowledge and communicate constructively about the vehicle.
How to Submit a Vehicle

All submissions are done from the vehicle submissions page.
We offer three levels of service based on the needs of a seller—Classic, Plus, and Concierge.

Classic service
Our tried-and-true service. Sellers get a custom-written auction listing by one of our Auction Specialists, a 7-day auction, and pay just $99.
Plus Photography
A professional photographer will shoot inspirational and detailed listing photos that show off your vehicle for an additional $349.
Concierge, we-do-it-all service for sellers with significant cars and collections.
  • After choosing a service level, sellers answer questions on the submission form and upload photos so our auctions team can evaluate if it’s a good fit for our audience.
  • If a vehicle is accepted, the seller pays the listing fee and we work with the seller to gather all necessary information (including videos, maintenance records, vehicle history, and service documentation).
  • With the information and photos provided by the seller, our Auction Specialists craft an honest and informative listing for the vehicle.
How our Live Auctions Work
  • Every auction goes live with an informational listing, photo gallery, and additional seller features that help ensure a great result.
  • Each auction has a comment thread where the SELL BUY DRIVE community discusses the vehicle and asks the seller questions. Sellers are encouraged to be active participants in the comments section—answering questions and engaging with the community increases bidder confidence.
  • Potential bidders can use the Contact Seller button to ask the seller questions, schedule a viewing, or set up a test drive.
  • Each seller has the ability to lower their reserve while the auction is live.
How Bidding Works

You must register to bid to place bids on SELL BUY DRIVE.

  • All bids are verified by a credit card hold to ensure commitment of potential buyers. When a bid is placed, we place a hold on the credit card on file for 5% of the bid amount. When the auction closes, the hold is released for all bidders who didn’t win the vehicle.
  • We encourage all potential bidders to read the listing and review the entirety of the comment section before placing a bid. It is important that bidders do their due diligence to understand all the details of the car and insights offered by members of the community.
The Post-Auction Process
  • If the auction reserve is met when the listing ends (or the auction is no reserve), SELL BUY DRIVE provides the seller and winning bidder with each others’ contact information.
  • The buyer and seller then work together to complete the transaction and arrange for shipping if necessary. SELL BUY DRIVE is happy to provide assistance or answer questions during this part of the process.
  • If the auction reserve is not met when the listing ends, SELL BUY DRIVE will provide the high bidder’s contact information to the seller in hopes that they can work out a deal.
How Our Fees Work
  • Sellers pay a $99 listing fee, with the option to add our Plus photo service for an additional $349. There are no other seller fees on SELL BUY DRIVE.
  • Buyers pay a 5% fee on top of the final sale price to SELL BUY DRIVE, with a minimum of $250, and capped at $5,000.
  • Contact us for pricing of our Concierge.
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